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Tarquinius W. Peterson’s Fantastical Guide to the World of Art: The Scream by Edvard Munch

Welcome to Tarquinius W. Peterson’s Fantastical Guide to the World of Art. This week we are uncovering … The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893 Everyone knows this artwork, but that’s not surprising, as several, several copies exist today. By copies, […]

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Tarquinius W. Peterson’s Fantastical Guide to the World of Art

Tarquinius W. Peterson, the renowned creative commentator and art historian, is a university educated and well-read critic of art and accruer of arty pictures and sculptured objets. T.W.P. 2018 Awarded a government maintenance grant, I studied at the Berkshire College […]

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This Word

Another sip of freshly-pressed coffee, as feet pace around the kitchen and into the study. There’s a chill underfoot when emigrating from warm under-floor ceramic heat to room temperature carpet. A fragrant woollen floor covering scented from a rolling, scratching, […]

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Just Another Conversation

The weather Gods are frantic with their hailstorm task. The bouncy-ball-sized ice smash downwards through the flashing clouds. It’s a surprise they don’t crash into each other. I guess that’s why they are the Gods. D.Q. Parker-Braithwaite Jr is deep […]

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The Crystal Method

  It’s raining; it always rains on pickup day. Especially on this estate, and especially onto these blocks of flats. No wonder they are all coloured grey, any colour has long washed away. It’s as if God himself is pissing […]

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Case Closed

The tube train jolted as it rattled around a bend, business men and women who stood, swayed like seaweed on a coral reef. The platform appeared out of the dark and the speeding transport slowed. Newspapers ruffled, folded under arms, […]

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Oh, God.

  Following on from Dylan Thomas’s birthday on 14th May, below is a piece of Flash Poesy (in Thomas motif) starting with the first line of his Fern Hill poem “Now as I was young and…”. As seen here… http://scribblers.freeforums.net/thread/498/flash-poesy-31   Oh, […]

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(Just in case you missed http://scribblers.freeforums.net/thread/314/flash-fiction-november-20th-2015) Spoiler: Contains profanity! Just so you know. Wings School. Teaching, it’s just not for me. Uniforms and rules: no room to manoeuvre, no creativity, no individualism. No understanding. No understanding of complex minds reaching out […]

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