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Carriage Hats

Paul Gustave Fischer, (1860-1934) Copenhagen tram s.d.   Puff, puff on his fat cigar, This time, he’s gone too far. “How embarrassing, I should jump, I’m an old fool, a silly chump.” 50 dollars! Oh, what a mistake, Surely one […]

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Day Tripper

It’s really very important not to over-stress, Try not to do more, but attempt to do less, Being calm and relaxed is the way to impress, Take a jaunt on the Cornish Riviera Express. If life drags you down and […]

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Lock the door, throw away the key, You’re safe outside, not here with me. I’m happy inside, an empty room, all alone, Theories orchestrated, debated, ideas grown. A den of defiance, stable of sublime, Parlour of perfection, study of mine. […]

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This Place I Know

What a familiar view! This place I know. Do you? Early evening silhouetting, orangey-pink sun is setting, Lights sparkling, on show, the whole town a warm glow, Coming alive, so strong, night-time liquor and happy song, Overcrowded bars with laughter, […]

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