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Another Update!

This is ridiculous, really. Update! It’s been so long. Is there an antonym for update: unupdated? Or is downdated? Down rated more like, or downgraded, could fit the bill for sure. Rebooted, relaunched, resurrected! Everyone’s doing it, Lana Wachowski returns […]

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The Plank

‘Neh, sire, tis you, sire, ‘tis you who has to walk, For ‘tis you, sire, the liar, With one leg, the stork.’   ‘Shiver mi wotsits, capt’n, I’m innocent of that crime, No idea how it happen, That musket weren’t […]

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So, here is another attempt to motivate… Hold on, what’s with the “so” business? I mean it’s everywhere these days. Anyone who is anyone starts their sentence with a “so”. (And yes, I know, no conjunctions at the start or […]

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