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Bright Light

An acrostic . . . Let us start our story, way back at the beginning,Introduce conflict and concern, charm with characterisation,Exceptional skills we must show, not tell. Be erudite, entertaining as well,Handle flow and feelings, formulate drama to be fascinating,Then […]

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This Word

Another sip of freshly-pressed coffee, as feet pace around the kitchen and into the study. There’s a chill underfoot when emigrating from warm under-floor ceramic heat to room temperature carpet. A fragrant woollen floor covering scented from a rolling, scratching, […]

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Oh, God.

  Following on from Dylan Thomas’s birthday on 14th May, below is a piece of Flash Poesy (in Thomas motif) starting with the first line of his Fern Hill poem “Now as I was young and…”. As seen here… http://scribblers.freeforums.net/thread/498/flash-poesy-31   Oh, […]

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