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Tarquinius W. Peterson’s Fantastical Guide to: Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

Welcome to Tarquinius W. Peterson’s Fantastical Guide to the World of Art. This week we are uncovering … An Edward Hopper, not Dennis Hopper as mentioned last week (he was six-years-old when Edward painted Nighthawks), I don’t know who mentioned Dennis, […]

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The Crystal Method

  It’s raining; it always rains on pickup day. Especially on this estate, and especially onto these blocks of flats. No wonder they are all coloured grey, any colour has long washed away. It’s as if God himself is pissing […]

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(Just in case you missed http://scribblers.freeforums.net/thread/314/flash-fiction-november-20th-2015) Spoiler: Contains profanity! Just so you know. Wings School. Teaching, it’s just not for me. Uniforms and rules: no room to manoeuvre, no creativity, no individualism. No understanding. No understanding of complex minds reaching out […]

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